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Congratulations! You have arrived to UIC. However, there is still a lot to do when it comes to settling into your new life in Illinois. The pages below will help you manage the practical matters of life at UIC and point you to valuable resources both on an off-campus. As always, feel free to connect with an OIS advisor if you need additional support.

Campus Life Heading link

UIC has campuses across the state of Illinois but most academic departments are housed on our main campus located in the heart of Chicago. That said, some members of the UIC international community studying or working in specific health-related fields may call our Peoria or Rockford campuses home. Wherever you are, there is lots to explore.

Get to know your UIC campus

Practical Matters Heading link

Where to live, where to shop and how to get around – mastering these practical matters of life can help you move through your day in a new country with more ease and confidence. On this page OIS has gathered information and resources to help you manage these “logistics of daily life.”

Manage the logistics of daily life

Health & Wellness Heading link

Your physical, mental and social health are central to your success as an international student, scholar or employee. This page will introduce you to the various health and wellness resources available at UIC and explain some of the cultural differences you may experience while engaging with health care systems in the U.S.

Activate your healthly lifestyle

Safety & Security Heading link

Feelings of vulnerability and questions of safety often go along with moving to new country and culture – it is very natural! Learning about how UIC approaches safety on campus and what proactive measures you can take to keep yourself safe go a long way in turning feelings of fear into empowerment.

Empower yourself to stay safe

Cultural Adjustment & Transition Heading link

Cultural competency can be one of the greatest skills you develop during your experience as an international student, scholar or employee, but it takes work. OIS encourages you to take the time to learn about the new cultures you enter, reflect on your own cultural background and acknowledge the challenges of navigating it all. It is a beautiful journey that will last a lifetime!

Dive into your journey with culture

Spouses, Partners & Dependents Heading link

If you choose to bring family members with you to the U.S., your experience will include extra joy, and undoubtedly, a few more items on your to-do list. This page provides resources for families including the logistical concerns of childcare and school along with opportunities to create community with other members of the UIC international community who have brought spouses and children along for the ride.

Find resources for your family

U.S. Taxes Heading link

Each UIC international student, scholar, and employee present in the U.S. must file at least one tax document with the IRS in order to meet their tax filing obligation and properly maintain immigration status.

Learn about U.S. taxes

UIC Policy Heading link

Members of the UIC community are expected to understand and follow policies established by the University. Certain rights and responsibilities that reflect U.S. cultural values and beliefs that are different from your own may be easy to overlook or misunderstand. On this page we highlight UIC policies where even innocent violations can result in negative consequences on your immigration status.

Understand your rights and responsibilites at UIC