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U.S. Taxes

Each UIC international student, scholar, and employee present in the U.S. during calendar year 2021 must file at least one tax document with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in order to meet their tax filing obligation and properly maintain immigration status. Individuals who earned U.S.-based income must file additional documentation.

The general deadline for federal and Illinois state 2021 tax filings is Monday, April 18, 2022. If you have earned income in a state other than Illinois, please confirm your filing deadline for each state.

While the Office of International Services cannot directly advise individuals on their specific tax filing obligations, the office has organized two valuable resources for the UIC international community:

Sprintax Tax Preparation Software Heading link

Each year, OIS provides the UIC international community with discounted access to Sprintax, the online tax prep software for U.S. nonresident tax filings. Sprintax offers you:

  • Guidance on filing your U.S. federal (discounted with OIS code) and state tax returns.
  • Access to the Substantial Presence Test to determine your residency status for tax purposes.
  • Access to Sprintax’s extensive educational tax library, including videos and blog posts.
  • Individualized support in filing your tax return from Sprintax representatives via email or 24/7 live chat.

Accessing Sprintax

All active members of the UIC international community are eligible to access Sprintax and utilize the OIS discount code on their federal return.

  • Currently enrolled international students and active J-1 EV Scholars can find the instructions to access Sprintax on the myUIC Portal. Log into the myUIC Portal and type “OSSS Applications” in the search bar. Select “OIS Tax Service” to view the Sprintax instructions and access the discount code.
  • Other active members of the UIC international community, including alumni on authorized periods of practical training, will receive an email with Sprintax access instructions and the discount code.

If you are not able to access Sprintax but believe you should based on your status as an active member of the UIC international community, please email us at with your name and UIN.

U.S. Tax Webinars for the UIC International Community Heading link

During this online webinar, a local tax professional will provide an overview of non-immigrant tax responsibilities and filing requirements. Please note that this session is general in focus and not intended to provide one-on-one tax preparation services or advice nor will it cover how to use the Sprintax tax preparation software. The webinars are open to UIC international students, exchange visitors, employees, and alumni on authorized periods of practical training.

Mar 2 2022

U.S. Tax Webinar for the UIC International Community

Wednesday, 2:00 pm–4:00 pm
Virtual Event - Webex
Apr 1 2022

U.S. Tax Webinar for the UIC International Community

Friday, 12:00 pm–2:00 pm
Virtual Event - Webex

FAQs Heading link

Here are some frequently asked questions about U.S. taxes and tax support for the UIC international community.