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Spouses, Partners & Dependents

We are so happy you are here and hope your stay in the U.S. and in Illinois is a positive, memorable experience for your family. There are many factors to consider when living in a foreign country, especially if your family members are with you and you will be staying longer than a short tourism visit. Explore the topics below to learn more about opportunities, general information, and resources for the partners, spouses, and children of international UIC students, scholars and employees.

If you have not yet arrived to the U.S., please reference the pre-arrival information for families.

Family life in the U.S. Heading link

The structure and key aspects of family life are undergoing significant changes in the U.S. – there is no dominant family form. Traditional two-parent households are on the decline and many men and women in the U.S. are delaying or foregoing marriage as infinite variations of families emerge and are celebrated.

There are three core factors that impact U.S. “family” generalizations: Regional, social-class, and religious differences. Child-rearing takes many forms and while there are many strong opinions surrounding parenting, there are two general philosophies: structured (disciplining through positive guidance and/or reinforcement) and unstructured (allowing children to ‘find’ themselves and their own way to develop potential).

Individualism is a strong characteristic of U.S. culture and informs many of our norms and values of family life. You may find a sense of freedom in the U.S. to structure your family and parent in a manner that suits you best, while at the same time struggle with an expectation to do so without strong community support that is more commonly found in other cultures.

Resources for families with children Heading link

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