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The Office of International Services is the campus authority on immigration-related issues for a thriving community of international students, faculty, and staff. This section provides practical information about status maintenance, international travel, and document replacement as well as news impacting immigration within the higher education context.

F-1 Student Heading link

The majority of international students at UIC are studying on an F-1 visa. This section explains how to maintain F-1 status and the various benefits associated with this nonimmigrant visa category.

Learn more about F-1 student status

J-1 Exchange Visitor Heading link

J-1 Exchange Visitors include students, scholars, researchers, and trainees participating in programs that promote cultural exchange between UIC and the exchange visitor’s home country government, organization, or academic institution.

Learn more about J-1 exchange visitor status

UIC Employees Heading link

International employees work for UIC on many types of visas, including H-1B, O-1, TN, E-3, and certain non-UIC sponsored statuses. OIS helps departments understand the process of hiring an international employee and supports the various aspects of international employee status maintenance.

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U.S. Permanent Residence Heading link

At a certain point, a foreign national may find themselves with the opportunity and willingness to apply for legal permanent residence in the U.S. OIS supports UIC international employees and their sponsoring departments through this complex and often lengthy process.

Learn more about pending LPR status

Travel Guidance Heading link

There is a lot to consider when traveling internationally. This section covers important information such as recommended documents for different status types and visa considerations. The world moves fast so make sure to stay up-to-date on our travel and immigration announcements as well.

See what you need for a smooth trip abroad

Document Replacement Heading link

Despite your best efforts, you may find that you need to replace an immigration document due to it being damaged, lost, or in rare cases, stolen.

Get help replacing an immigration document

Volunteering Heading link

Service is a central part of U.S. culture and the mission of UIC. Many international students, scholars, and employees are inspired to volunteer in their new communities or for issues they are passionate about. However, it is important that you understand the definition of “volunteering” within the immigration context so as not to unknowingly violate your status.

Learn more about volunteering

Immigration Updates Heading link

OIS monitors immigration news and regulatory updates related to higher education and the mission of UIC and updates our community regularly. The following page houses an archive of our immigration updates along with information on how to join our list for email updates.

Read immigration updates from OIS

Glossary of Immigration Terms Heading link

There are many words, acronyms, government departments, and legalese used when talking about immigration status and processes in the U.S. The following page contains a list of some of the most common terms that will hopefully demystify immigration jargon for you.

Learn common immigration terms