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Academic Culture

Academia is a culture, with norms, values, and rules. The academic culture of your home country may have similarities and differences when compared to academic culture in the U.S. Furthermore, the academic culture at UIC is not exactly the same as other universities in the U.S. Knowing how culture informs the expectations, both written and unwritten, of students, faculty, and staff at UIC will help you reach your academic goals and avoid some unfortunately common pitfalls.

Culture's influence on academia in the U.S. Heading link

U.S. cultural generalizations extend to the norms, values, and expectations found in academia. As a reminder, some of those generalizations are:
Generalization Impact on academic culture
Individualism & extroversion Individualism underpins the importance of citation, or the practice of giving credit for someone else's work, in academic writing. You will be encouraged to ask questions in class and may be graded on your presentation skills.
Smaller power distance Professors will invite or require students to attend office hours where students can ask questions or discuss material directly with their teacher. Some teachers may ask you to address them by their first name.
Linear concepts of time and emphasis on punctuality Classes will likely begin on-time and you will be expected to turn in assignments based on a schedule outlined in the syllabus.
Direct communication Professors and staff will expect you to reach out if you need help and direct eye contact is the norm when talking, even when you are speaking to an older person in a position of power.
Diversity, equity, and inclusion The University maintains a non-discrimination policy and it may be printed on your class syllabus. Your teacher will encourage students to share multiple perspectives and expect others to consider them with respect.