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J-1 EV Funding Requirements

All J-1 Exchange Visitors are required to demonstrate adequate funding for the duration of their program. These minimum funding levels are meant to cover housing, food, etc. and do not cover luxuries or emergencies. You are required to show funding for yourself, and any dependents, at the rates listed in the chart below.

J-1 EV Student funding requirements Heading link

J-1 EV Students should refer to the international student funding and documentation requirements page to understand their estimated expenses by academic program.

J-1 EV Scholar funding requirements Heading link

J-1 EV alone $1,900 per month $22,800 per year
J-1 EV + one J-2 dependent $2,460 per month $29,520 per year
J-1 EV + two J-2 dependents $2,885 per month $34,620 per year
Each additional J-2 dependent $425 per month $5,100 per year

Acceptable proof of financial support Heading link

We must have appropriate proof of financial support before we issue a Form DS-2019. You are permitted to show funding from a single source or from a combination of sources to meet the minimum required amount. If you are applying for your initial entry, or subsequent visa, the same funding document(s) will need to be presented to the U.S. Consular Officer for the visa application. Any documents not in English must be accompanied by an official, verbatim, English translation. Sources of funding may include:

UIC offer letter

If you are funded by UIC, your offer letter will show your exchange visitor category, UIC appointment title, salary or stipend amount, appointment start and end dates, and any other applicable terms and conditions related to your appointment.

Personal or family funds

If you will be funded by personal or family funds, submit original/official bank statements or bank letters showing a total account balance sufficient to meet the minimum funding requirements. These funds must be liquid assets. We accept savings, various deposit and checking accounts, however, we may not accept stocks, investments, or other non-liquid assets. These documents must state a specific amount of funds available to you, be signed and/or stamped by a bank official, and must clearly show the date issued within the past six months. (A print-out from your account is insufficient.)

If the documents you submit are in a family member’s name (i.e. a parent, guardian, spouse, etc.), then they must be accompanied by an original statement from that person confirming the following:

  • the relationship of that person to you – Please note that a J-2 spouse cannot financially support the J-1 exchange visitor.
  • the intent of that person to be your sponsor during your stay in the U.S.
  • the amount and currency
  • the duration of their support
  • if they are currently in the U.S., their citizenship or U.S. immigration status

Government, foreign employer, and other non-UIC organizational funding

Submit an original/official letter on letterhead from the funding source (i.e. employer, funding organization, university, etc.) confirming the items below. Please note that personal earnings or salary statements alone may not be used. The letter must include:

  • the total amount of funding to be provided to you – Please specify the amount and currency.
  • the specific dates during which funding will be provided
  • the signature of a person in the organization who is authorized to guarantee those funds
  • the University of Illinois Chicago must be listed as the scholar’s destination