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J-1 EV Student Academic Training

Academic Training (AT) is a work authorization that allows J-1 EV Students to participate in off-campus training experiences, paid or unpaid, that are directly related to their major of study. J-1 Academic Training can occur during your academic program or after graduation.

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Steps to request AT on your DS-2019 Heading link

A successful AT authorization request involves you, your academic department, your training host (i.e. employer), and your immigration sponsor. J-1 EV Students sponsored by UIC will work with the Office of International Services according to the instructions below. If you are sponsored by a third-party organization, please consult with your sponsor regarding your eligibility for AT and the process to obtain authorization.

AT authorizations are ultimately granted by an Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO) and do not require an outside application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). At UIC, OIS advisors serve as AROs for J-1 EV Students. OIS processing time for a complete and accurate AT authorization request is approximately three to five business days.

Working off-campus (paid or unpaid) prior to receiving appropriate authorization on your DS-2019 is a violation of status which can have a significant negative impact on your ability to continue studying in the U.S.

  1. Meet with your academic or career advisor to discuss the types of training experiences that could enhance or extend your program of study at UIC. The AT authorization requires that the training experience be related to your major of study. Your academic or career advisor can help you identify appropriate training or work experiences for someone in your major.
  2. Secure an offer from a training host and discuss a realistic start date. Under the advisement of your academic department or career center, interview for a training experience (internships, fieldwork, practicum, clinical rotation, post-graduation job, etc.) related to your major. While interviewing, you can explain that you are eligible to work in the U.S. under AT authorization (assuming you meet all eligibility requirements) and that the start and end dates of the training must align with AT requirements. Generally speaking, you should allow yourself at minimum two weeks from receiving the offer to complete all necessary AT paperwork and obtain the final authorization on your DS-2019.
  3. Submit the Academic Training (AT) E-Form in myOIS. The e-form will ask you for details on your secured training experience including the location, proposed start and end date, and contact information for our training supervisor. It will also ask for information on the academic department representative who will confirm how the training experience connects to your major of study.
  4. Correct and resubmit your AT E-Form, if needed. AT is not a simple request and many students will need to make corrections based on the OIS advisor’s feedback before receiving final authorization on their Form DS-2019. Please monitor your email closely and respond promptly to any communications you receive from OIS.
  5. Collect and sign your new DS-2019. When the AT request is complete, OIS will contact you with options for receiving your new DS-2019 reflecting your authorized training location and dates. You may now begin your off-campus training experience, on or after the start date listed on your DS-2019.

FAQs Heading link

Here are some frequently asked questions about AT.