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J-1 EV Student SEVIS Transfer Out

International students in J-1 EV Student status must always maintain accurate academic information on their SEVIS record and Form DS-2019. This includes the name and location of the school at which you are studying. If you plan to leave UIC and study at a different school in the U.S., you must request a transfer of your SEVIS record to the new academic institution. This SEVIS transfer must be completed prior to you beginning studies at the new school.

If you are an international student newly admitted to UIC and looking for information about transferring your SEVIS record into UIC, visit our page, getting started with the visa process.

Basic eligibility requirements for J-1 SEVIS transfer out Heading link

  • You are in valid J-1 status at the time of submitting the request and have not passed the end date on your DS-2019.
  • You are admitted to another academic institution located in the U.S. that is authorized to host J-1 Exchange Visitor Students.
  • The purpose of the transfer is to complete the objective for which you were originally admitted in exchange visitor status and you will not change participant categories.
  • Your new exchange visitor program must begin the day following your SEVIS release from UIC. There cannot be a gap between your program dates.

Steps to request an J-1 SEVIS transfer out Heading link

  1. Apply and obtain admission from a U.S. academic institution. Remember that the new school must be authorized to host J-1 international students and the purpose of the transfer must be to complete the objective for which you were originally admitted in exchange visitor status.
  2. Identify your ideal SEVIS release date. This is the date your SEVIS record moves from UIC to the new school. Identifying your ideal SEVIS release date may involve conversations with your OIS advisor and the international student advisor at your new school. See below for more information.
  3. Submit the Transfer Out/SEVIS Release E-Form in myOIS. The e-form will ask you for details on your new school and evidence of your admission. You will also indicate your chosen SEVIS release date at this time.
  4. Correct and resubmit your e-form, if needed. Since transferring out a SEVIS record is a significant event after which UIC can no longer access or make changes to your record, the OIS advisor assigned to your case may reach out for clarification and suggestions for e-form edits. Please monitor your email closely and respond promptly to any communication you receive from OIS.
  5. After the SEVIS release date, obtain your updated Form DS-2019 from your new school. Your new school may have additional steps you need to take or forms to submit in order to receive your updated Form DS-2019. Please contact your international student advisor at the new school for details.

Identifying your SEVIS release date Heading link

Choosing your SEVIS release can be challenging and often involves a conversation with a few different people, including your immigration advisors at UIC and the new school, your academic advisors, and your supervisors at any authorized work or academic training positions. When identifying your release date, here are few things to keep in mind:

  • The SEVIS release date reflects the date on which your J-1 record closes at UIC and becomes accessible to your new school. All study, employment, and academic training benefits associated with your UIC J-1 record end on the SEVIS release date.
  • SEVIS release dates must be in the future. You cannot choose a SEVIS release date in the past.
  • If you are attempting to transfer your SEVIS record before completing your UIC academic program, please consult with an OIS advisor as there are additional steps you will need to take and variables to consider with regards to the SEVIS release date.
  • If you plan to transfer your SEVIS record after completing your UIC academic program or period of authorized academic training (AT), the SEVIS release date must fall before the end date listed on your DS-2019.
  • If you plan to transfer your SEVIS record during a period of authorized academic training (AT), note that your work authorization will end on the SEVIS release date.

FAQs Heading link

Here are some frequently asked questions about the J-1 EV Student SEVIS transfer out process.