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Add or Update a J-2 Dependent

J-1 Exchange Visitors may add their spouse or unmarried children, under the age of 21, to their immigration record so that the family member may join the exchange visitor in the U.S. for their duration of their exchange program. The resulting status is J-2 dependent. Below you will find information on how to add a J-2 dependent or update an existing J-2 record. Learn more about J-2 status basics and U.S. work authorization for J-2 dependents.

How to add a J-2 dependent Heading link

To request a DS-2019 form for a J-2 dependent spouse or child, the J-1 Exchange Visitor must submit the Add a Dependent E-Form in myOIS. The e-form will ask you to provide sufficient proof of funding for the J-2 dependent(s). Note that the proof of funding cannot consist of income or savings in the name of the J-2 dependent. J-2 dependents must also maintain valid health insurance through the duration of the program that meets the J-1 Exchange Visitor program requirements.

Immigration Check-In with OIS Heading link

Once a J-2 dependent arrives in the U.S., they will need submit the Dependent Check-In E-Form in myOIS. The e-form will ask you to attach copies of the following documents for each J-2 dependent:

  1. Form DS-2019 – The form must be signed by the dependent. If the J-2 dependent is under the age of 14, the J-1 Exchange Visitor should sign.
  2. Copy of the J-2’s passport bio page
  3. Copy of J-2 visa
  4. Form I-94
  5. Proof of valid health insurance that meets the J-1 EV program requirements

Updating a J-2 dependent record Heading link

If your J-2 dependent receives updated immigration documents (i.e. passport, J-2 visa, I-94) during your EV program, please send the updated copies to OIS via email at To update proof of medical insurance for a J-2 dependent, please submit the Medical Insurance Update E-Form in myOIS.